Chartis Research has classified RiskSpan among “Category leaders” in two RiskTech Quadrants® and “Best of breed” in a third Quadrant in two research reports released at the end of 2019. 

RiskSpan figures into two independent reports released by Chartis in December of last year: Fixed-Income Technology Solutions, 2019: Market and Vendor Landscape and Technology Solutions for Credit Risk 2.0: Vendor Landscape, 2019. These reports summarize Chartis’s research on leading technology offerings in these two areas (fixed-income securities and credit risk) and assigns vendors into one of four sections of its RiskTech Quadrant® based on the combined strength of the completeness of each vendor’s offering and each offering’s market potential. Offerings that rate highly in both completeness and market potential are classified as “Category leaders” while offerings with strong market potential that cover a portion of the fixed-income landscape are classified as “Best in breed.” 

The classification of RiskSpan’s Edge platform as “Best in breed” reflects its high degree of specialization in the ABS and MBS components of the U.S. fixed-income market. (This market also includes government, corporate, and municipal bond. RS Edge has some coverage of these instruments, but itcore competency is built around ABS in general and mortgages in particular.)  

Chartis’s 2019 edition of Fixed Income Technology Solutions differed from past years’ reports in that it included a separate RiskTech Quadrant® for fixed-income securitization technology solutions. RiskSpan’s classification among “Category leaders” in this sub-category affirms Edge’s preeminence in the MBS realmChartis’s addition of this classification spotlights the growth potential of the securitization market as well as the potential for change. 

 RiskTech Quadrant for fixed-income securitization technology solutions, 2019 


The RiskTech Quadrant® evaluates risk vendors on the depth of functionality of their product offerings, including their sophistication, innovativeness, practical relevance of features, and user-friendliness, among other factors 

Chartis also considered each solution’s breadth of functionality. RiskSpan’s Edge Platform differentiated itself from the other “Category leaders” in fixed-income securitization technology solutions by being the only solution rated “Advanced” across the entire spectrum (nine categories in all) of data analytical capabilities.   

 Vendor capabilities for fixed-income securitization technology solutions, 2019 


This classification reflects RiskSpan’s long-standing and continued commitment to data at the heart of its technologyFor well over a decade, RiskSpan’s articulated vision has been (and remains) to bring efficiencies to the lending and structured product markets. This vision necessitates accurate and reliable data. To this end, RiskSpan continues to develop technologies that leverage machine learning to improve data accuracy and facilitate data managementRS Edge employs a host of techniques, which go far beyond the rules-based methods of the past, for cleaning, validating and normalizing data from all manner of sources 

RiskSpan’s commitment to data and analytics was further reflected in the firm’s classification as a Category leader in Chartis’s RiskTech Quadrant® for credit risk solutions (banking book) at the end of 2019. 

RiskTech Quadrant for credit risk solutions (banking book), 2019 


According to the Chartis report, ranking highly in “Completeness of Offering” reflects RS Edge’s competence the areas of analytics, credit portfolio management, data management, risk data aggregation and allocation, enterprise stress testing and scenario management, and reporting and visualization. Consistent with RiskSpan’s defined emphasis, Edge received its highest marks in analytics and data management. 

Ranking highly in “Market Potential” reflects Chartis’s favorable assessment of RiskSpan’s customer satisfaction, market penetration, growth strategy, financials, and business model. 

While we are always seeking to improve, we are pleased with Chartis’s assessment of our capabilities and feel it is indicative of our commitment to continually enhancing these data and analytical offerings, thereby ensuring that RiskSpan continues to deliver uncompromising quality and value to our clients. This, of course, remains our first priority. 

About RiskSpan 

RiskSpan offers powerful pre-trade analytics, modeling, and risk across both loans and structured products on one cloud-native, scalable platform: RS Edge. Traders, portfolio managers, and risk managers can easily use complex models to analyze whole loans, mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities, Agency MBS and credit risk transfer securities.