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A loan pricing accelerator that enables loan file intake with smart mapping, slicing and dicing of loan history, benchmarking and pricing under multiple methods

Informed Investing

Analyze Whole Loan Deals

Understand how your whole loan portfolio performs compared to the wider market. Our fully-integrated solution brings your data and third-party datasets together seamlessly to make portfolio analysis quick and efficient.

Run historical analyses and predictive models to understand asset performance and inform investment decisions.

Fully Integrated

Data Storage

Store normalized proprietary and third-party whole loan data. 


Compare your investments’ performance to external datasets. 

Analyze Risk

Leverage our proprietary models to analyze the risk of investments. 

Smart Tape Cracking and Advanced Analytics on a Single Platform

Solutions for NPLs, RPLs, and Whole Loan Transactions

Project expected yield given asking price or set walk-away bid prices given hurdle rates, optimize exit strategies (securitization vs. portfolio), and define custom segments and apply assumptions by segment.

Fast Processing Speeds

Process large datasets at speeds that set a new industry standard.

Asset Expertise

Map any tape format and get support from whole-loan data experts.


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How reliable is your data?

Our team of quants and data scientists is available on demand to provide custom support.

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