IBM Think 2018 Conference Wrap-Up

  RiskSpan really values its business partnership with IBM. For the second year in a row, at IBM Think – our team was invited to participate in various panels. Suhrud Dagli, our CTO, was interviewed live on IBM’s 72 Hours of Blockchain webcast about RiskSpan’s blockchain work in loan and asset securitization use cases, and he presented on panel about IBM’s API store (more on that down below). I presented to a group of 40 or so conference attendees about operating a platform business with IBM as partner. We’d like to personally thank the Michael Sagalyn and Rocio Guerrero for their support from the IBM side. They are great colleagues. Chairman’s Address and RiskSpan Ginni Rometty, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of IBM, laid out IBM’s focus on what she called “the third exponential shift” in the tech business. Tongue-in-cheek, she branded the third shift as … Watson’s Law – after IBM’s premier AI service. The concept, which resonated with what RiskSpan has been seeing in our own space – is that there have been two major exponential leaps during the computing age. And that we are now entering the third:
  1. Moore’s Law (exponential growth in computer processing power)
  2. Metcalfe’s Law (exponential growth in network power)
  3. Watson’s Law (exponential growth in machine learning power)
What RiskSpan sees emerging right now is a very strong interest from our clients and prospects about how machine learning/AI can support quality in data onboarding, intelligent discovery in data management, and next-level validation of the models and applications that consume data. In our own platform business – on the back-end we’ve already begun to deploy AI in the data onboarding process. And we are on the cusp of releasing machine learning/AI tools on our user-facing front-end for model builds and model validation. Stay tuned for announcements from RiskSpan on the machine learning/AI topic in the second quarter. It’s an exciting time to be in this business. Think Campuses For us, it was incredibly validating to see the organization of the conference around the initiatives that are driving our own internal efforts and customer-facing business use cases at RiskSpan. IBM conference planners designed the conference around four core-technology “campuses”:
  1. Business and AI Campus (Re-Imagining Business with Machine Learning/AI)
  2. Cloud and Data Campus (Extracting Value from Cloud Data)
  3. Security and Resiliency Campus (Security Decisioning to Protect Customers)
  4. Modern Infrastructure Campus (Engineering Cloud and AI Infrastructure)
What we are seeing in our own business in the Banking and Capital Markets segments of financial services – is willingness and eagerness now on the part of prospects and customers to tackle the data management and engineering challenges that will let them benefit from advances in these categories. That’s a big change over the last two years. The time is now because the cost of these technologies have decreased below the value add of well-executed use cases. As we’ve found with IBM, getting this work done is about finding the right partner (emphasis on the “well-executed” use case!). API Strategy Preview RiskSpan specializes in loan and securities data, modeling, and analytics for the banking and capital markets segments in financial services. Last year, our Edge Platform API was in the first group of FinTechs to release on IBM’s Bluemix store. It was good to be back at IBM Think 2018 to see old friends and hear about where IBM and RiskSpan are going together in the future. In mid- to late-April 2018, IBM will go live with its first release of an API Service Broker service. RiskSpan will have an announcement about our participation in the first group of FinTech partners to deploy two new APIs on this new model. This is tech solution in which our Enterprise customers are finding a lot of value (migration to microservices). We’ll announce further developments on the API front here in the second quarter. Please check back soon.