Portfolio Analytics Risk Service: Vendor Considerations

There is movement in the vendor market for Risk Analytics. Barclays is divesting its POINT risk analytics system and Capital IQ has exited the risk business. These changes have prompted the market to consider vendor alternatives and the timing for a fresh look at solutions couldn’t be better.

The regulatory environment persists. There is a constant stream of demand from investors and regulators for independent risk analysis and reporting. Further, the emergence of new data management tools and the declining cost of cloud-managed hardware presents the market with an opportunity to scale data processing and reduce costs.

Well-known for its expertise in mortgage and structured products, RiskSpan now offers cross asset coverage to support its growing client base and provides a scalable platform with integrated data and market accepted methodologies.  Whether you’re looking to facilitate internal governance, investor requests, or regulatory requirements, RiskSpan offers a scalable and flexible solution for your portfolio risk needs.

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