Join Us – Webinar: Practical Approaches for Debt Securities Accounting

Join RiskSpan allowance expert Dave Andrukonis for lessons learned from early CECL adopters. 2020 CECL adopters are ready for the new loan accounting, but many are scrambling to meet the new requirements for their HTM and AFS debt securities. This session will give you concrete, practical approaches to solve for HTM and AFS credit loss accounting – approaches that can still be implemented in time for the 2020 adoption deadline and parallel runs.

RiskSpan supports CECL implementation for clients ranging from small banks to $150bn firms with 2020 and 2023 implementation dates. Our clients are already underway using RiskSpan’s Allowance Suite solution for parallel runs of HTM and AFS credit accounting. We will share their lessons learned.

The webinar will address all security types and a range of budgets. We’ll keep the session to 30 minutes, then stay on the line for Q&A until all audience questions are answered. Stump our expert and you get to send one free test CUSIP through our security allowance solution!

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