Case Study: Web Based Data Application Build

The Client

Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE)

The Problem

The Structured Transactions group of a GSE needed to offer a simpler way for broker-dealers to  create new restructured securities (improved ease of use), that provided flexibility to do business at any hour and reduce the dependence on Structured Transactions team members’ availability. 

The Solution

RiskSpan led the development of a customer-facing web-based application for a GSE. Their structured transactions clients use the application to independently create pools of pools and re-combinable REMIC exchanges (RCRs) with existing pooling and pricing requirements.​

RiskSpan delivered the complete end-to-end technical implementation of the new portal.

The Deliverables

  • Development included self-service web portal that provides RCR, pool-of-pool exchange capabilities, reporting features ​
  • Managed data flows from various internal sources to the portal, providing real-time calculations​
  • Latest technology stack included Angular 2.0, Java for web services​
  • Development, testing, and config control methodology featured DevOps practices, CI/CD pipeline, 100% automated testing with Cucumber, Selenium​
  • GIT, JIRA, Gherkin, Jenkins, Fisheye/Crucible, SauceLabs, for config control, testing, deployment

Talk Scope

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