Webinar: 2020: Entering the Decade of Data & Smart Analytics

A pivotal time in history for fixed-income markets where data and analytics will become the most critical driving force behind successful investment management. 

For the first time in decades, structured finance is poised to join the rest of the financial sector in adopting new tech solutions. Deal cycles are shrinking from three weeks to as little as two days. Consequently, the market’s demand for granular collateral data has never been stronger. Accuracy and consistency are paramount. The new decade promises major advances in technology around data supporting investment best practices. Will you be ready to adopt them? 

On Thursday, January 30, at 1:00 PM EST, join industry veterans and RiskSpan executives Bill Moretti, Suhrud Dagli, and Bernadette Kogler for our webinar, “2020: Entering The Decade of Data & Smart Analytics.”

Key Topics: 

Automation – How can you join the growing number of asset managers who are maximizing yield through automation? 

New technology presents an opportunity to reduce the time spent on burdensome activities surrounding data analysis and surveillance. In addition to reducing the time spent on manual activities, trained algorithms can increase the accuracy and consistency of collateral data and help you make sense of itCome and hear our panel  discuss real examples of technology and automation improving investment analysis.

Prioritization – Which new tech will have the biggest impact on your workflow? 

Applying advanced technologies and smart analytics enables asset managers to make better decisions quickly and consistently. But where to begin? Suhrud and Bill will provide insight on which specific data technologies will be the most impactful over the next few years and how you should approach prioritizing their adoption.

A new Structured Finance ecosystem for the 2020s – How will you fit in? 

Notwithstanding all the buzz surrounding smart analytics and machine learning in financial services, the structured finance industry has been reluctant to adopt new technology for decades. So, what’s holding us back? Bill will discuss the catalyst for change now and make the case for why this will finally be the decade when structured finance embraces major advances in data technology. 

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