Credit Risk Transfer Analysis

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Our web-based platform allows you to monitor performance and assess risk of credit risk transfer securities across portfolios and compared with market datasets.

Host and manage your own proprietary deal data for front-end transactions, utilize our proprietary credit and prepayment models, and benefit from an integration with standard industry third-party models.

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Standardized and normalized Agency loan-level and deal-level data for cross-Agency comparison.

Scalable Infrastructure

Fully-managed solution and scalable to meet the demands of manage massive amounts of data.

Tailored Models

Our proprietary credit and prepayment models are tailored for the credit risk transfer universe.

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Cash Flow Modeling For Credit Risk Transfer Securities

Understand portfolio performance and security value based on analyses of underlying assets. Gain insight into the causes of and effects on asset performance to drive investment decisions.

Project and predict potential losses on a monthly basis to stay on top of your portfolio.

Intex Integration

Access to industry cash flow modeling providers.

Custom Integration

Custom deal cash flow development in Python.

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Reliable Infrastructure

Loan Performance Analytics Platform

Our web-based loan performance analytics platform, RS Edge, is built to handle growing quantities of data. Manipulate and analyze normalized third-party Agency datasets and compare with your own portfolio data.

RS Edge is a fully-managed solution so you can focus on making informed, data-driven decisions.