Join Us: Blockchain and Beers

Join us for our Blockchain and Beers event, taking place on June 28th at 5:30 pm. This informal discussion will feature RiskSpan co-founder Suhrud Dagli, and Charlie Moore of the Global Debt Registry discussing RiskSpan’s latest blockchain application in structured finance. We will also be serving pizza, beer, and wine. Register now for this fun and informative event!… ShareTweetShare+1

RiskSpan Blockchain in March 23rd Issue of Asset Backed Alert

RiskSpan leaders Bernadette Kogler and Suhrud Dagli were interviewed for the March 23rd issue of Asset Backed Alert. The article is called “RiskSpan Testing Blockchain Tool” – a summary of blockchain technology that RiskSpan is developing through which loans eventually could be originated, pooled, and securitized. RiskSpan built the tool on IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric. RiskSpan… ShareTweetShare+1

Permissioned Blockchains–A Quest for Consensus

Conspicuously absent from all the chatter around blockchain’s potential place in structured finance has been much discussion around the thorny matter of consensus. Consensus is at the heart of all distributed ledger networks and is what enables them to function without a trusted central authority. Consensus algorithms are designed to prevent fraud and error. With large,… ShareTweetShare+1

Private-Label Securities – Technological Solutions to Information Asymmetry and Mistrust

At its heart, the failure of the private-label residential mortgage-backed securities (PLS) market to return to its pre-crisis volume is a failure of trust. Virtually every proposed remedy, in one way or another, seeks to create an environment in which deal participants can gain reasonable assurance that their counterparts are disclosing information that is both… ShareTweetShare+1

The Future of Mortgage Data is on a Blockchain

During last week’s SFIG Residential Mortgage Finance Symposium, I moderated a panel on best practices in disclosure and reporting data related to private-label mortgage securities. We discussed many of the challenges confronting issuers, investors, rating agencies, and the industry with sharing relevant data in general and with implementing the SEC’s Regulation AB II requirements in particular…. ShareTweetShare+1