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Developed, secured, and deployed on IBM Cloud and AWS

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RiskSpan Edge Platform

Access loan and structured products data, models, and predictive analytics on one, scalable, cloud-based platform.

The RiskSpan Edge Platform is a module-based data management, modeling, and predictive analytics software platform for loans and fixed-income securities. Our scalable, cloud-based platform enables you to make better business decisions based on uncommon insights into historical trends and advanced predictive forecasts.

Access our hosted loan datasets, upload your own loan data files, run complex and customized models, and create intuitive reports – all within a single platform.

Our intuitive UI gives you unprecedented access to loans and fixed-income securities data. It features integrations with Rstudio and the latest artificial intelligence tools.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Get More Out of Loan and Securities Data

Scalable Platform

Scalable platform streamlines loan data management by fusing datasets.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored solutions to help you achieve new heights of analysis and reporting.

Loan Data Experts

Market experts in loan data management and predictive modeling.

Business Innovators

Cut costs, minimize processing time, and increase returns on your investments.

See a sample of the loan data we process and manage on a daily basis. Check out these loan servicer benchmarks.

See a sample of the dynamic risk reports we process for portfolio managers. Check out VaR, curve risk, interest rate risk, benchmark correlations, and historical shock scenarios.

RiskSpan Edge Services

Solve your hardest data, modeling, and risk analytics problems with our specialized team of data experts, quants, and technologists.



Make informed data-driven decisions with
powerful forecasts and predictive analytics.

  • In-house, proprietary credit, prepayment, default, and risk models
  • Cutting edge programs and technologies, including Python cash flow modeling and machine learning
  • Solutions for whole loan analysis, current expected credit losses, and credit risk transfer portfolios
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Knock down silos – enable access, movement, and blending of source data for downstream analytics.

  • Big data processing tools for massive data set intake and transformation
  • Applied machine learning techniques to guess at missing data
  • Latest methods and applications for transport to front-end business intelligence
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Model and Data


Get the most out of your model risk management and data governance programs.

  • Pragmatic model validation solutions, including full- and limited-scope validations
  • Exhaustive suite of supported models, with proprietary and machine learning models for benchmarking
  • End-to-end data governance and traceability
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