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Industry-Leading Cash Flow Engine, Analytics and Data Management for MSRs

An all-inclusive MSR valuation, risk modeling and data management solution enabling investors, originators and servicers to more effectively manage their mortgage data and portfolios.  


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Get a Free Trial or Demo

MSR Bid Analysis – Fast Tape Cracking for Loan-Level Forecasting

Powered by Smart Mapping tools and Configurable QC, RiskSpan streamlines and automates MSR data ingestion across multiple servicers and data sources:

  • Quickly load and map portfolios from different counterparties

  • Apply machine learning model that accounts for past experience

  • Leverage RiskSpan’s recommended QC rules and backup values

  • Access QC audit reports showing mapping choices and exceptions

  • View MOM data QC visualization reports

Interactively Query/Filter Loan Data and Historical Performance Metrics

(Direct Data Access via Snowflake Also Available)

Access interactive Edge Loans module: 

    • Create Composition reports
    • Query/filter loan data
    • Extract loan data for external constituents

Report on historical performance and filter performance metrics across dimensions:

    • Prepayment
    • Default
    • Recapture rates

Leverage suite of customized data visualization reports (via Tableau)

Advanced Loan-Level MSR Cash Flow Engine and Analytics

  • Industry-leading cash flow engine allows for full transparency and control of income and expense assumptions at a granular level including recapture rates

  • Full/excess MSR cash flow engines and prepay/credit models run at loan level across Conventional/Ginnie/Private-label MSRs

  • Forecasts include detailed MSR component cash flows, option-adjusted valuations, and risk/scenario metrics

  • Results can be viewed across various pre-canned or custom segmentations

MSR Portfolio Risk Managment (Risk as a Service)
Comprehensive Solution for Daily MSR and Hedge Valuation/Analytics

Leverage modern technology and a managed service approach for reliable and timely daily MSR valuation and risk analytics 

  • Automated, overnight run process allows for on-time delivery of daily analytics run at the loan-level

  • Incorporates QC checks to ensure high quality of results/reports

  • Flexible approach to incorporating custom model dials and MSR assumptions

  • Options available to run at a repline-level to facilitate extensive scenario analyses in fastest time possible

Leverage modern technology and a managed service approach for reliable and timely daily MSR valuation and risk analytics 

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