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Agency MBS

Traders find relative value and loan originators generate premiums using RiskSpan’s leading Agency MBS analytical interface. Slice and dice Agency loan and pool prepay and delinquency data by any attribute(s), rapidly and intuitively, to create S-curves, aging curves, time series and more.

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Agency MBS

A prepayment analytical application allowing traders to create S-curves, aging curves and time series based on loan-level data

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Spot Profitable Spec Pools in Seconds

Drill down into servicer-specific loan- and pool-level data from Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie in a fraction of the time it takes your in-house IT. Create customized queries to home in on the relationships you’re trying to uncover.

RELY ON RISKPAN – Not on Spreadsheets

Visualize Prepayments

Run S-curves, aging curves, and time series at loan- or pool-level using Edge’s flexible, visual query interface.


Create user-defined, loan-level cohorts on more than 50 different fields.

Chart Outcomes

Export customized charts and graphs to compare trends across servicers and other cohorts.

Access Your Way

Programmatically access Edge using APIs or query directly through the UI.

Visualize MBS Data

Integrated BI Tools

The Agency-MBS Trader Module serves up intuitive and easy-to-read visual business intelligence.

  • Visualize data with integrated graphing and charting

  • Research new prepayment trends

  • Create user-defined data tables

  • Export customized charts and graphs for marketing purposes

RiskSpan makes it simple to ingest, organize, clean, and act on your data.

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