Consulting and technology solutions in the residential mortgage, MBS trading, and structured finance space.


Re-imagined as a Platform and Services company during the world-wide financial crisis.


Growing from its investment in technology, data science, machine learning, and blockchain.

Platform and Services

RiskSpan provides a data, modeling, and analytics Platform and Services to the finance industry – including the commercial banking, insurance, and capital markets sub-segments.

Our flagship data/modeling/forecasting/valuation software, the RiskSpan Edge Platform, is a cloud-native system for hosting loan and fixed-income securities data, performing historical and predictive analytics/forecasting, and generating explanatory reports and data visualizations.

The software platform hosts a variety of application modules that are responsive to the business needs of our customers.

Data, Modeling, Analytics Leaders

For over a decade, RiskSpan has been the data management, model development, and model validation vendor-of-choice for large banking, insurance, and capital markets participants. RiskSpan has leveraged its experience with large global banking institutions to adopt its Platform and Services to the mid-sized and small commercial banking and insurance sectors.

Loan Data and Securities Data Experts

Our scalable platform streamlines loan data management by fusing large volumes of disparate datasets. We enable analysts and business leaders with powerful predictive analytics to make informed data-driven decisions.

As market experts in loan and securities data management and predictive modeling, we transform your unmanageable data into profitable business assets. Our team understands enterprise data governance, helping you achieve new heights of analysis and reporting while cutting costs, minimizing processing time, and increasing returns on your investments.

Meet the Team