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Edge Platform

Unified cloud platform for data management, loan and securities analytics, and portfolio risk management.

Edge Platform Solutions

Manage your entire fixed income portfolio with with our full suite of applications and data libraries.

Agency MBS

Leverage our unparalleled library of hosted pool and loan-level datasets to identify profitable spec pools and analyze portfolio performance.

Structured Products

Price instruments and make trading decisions in the context of your portfolio without the grunt work.

Portfolio Analytics

Manage loans and securities holdings through credit surveillance and market risk analysis. Perform stress testing, sensitivity analysis, and VaR across your entire fixed-income portfolio.

Machine Learning

Use alternative data to enhance portfolio returns and mitigate risk.

Data Libraries

Power you analysis with loan-level data, securities data, and real-time market data across your structured product portfolio.

Loan Analytics

Efficiently onboard data, manage asset performance, and accurately price your whole-loan portfolio.

Allowance Suite

Forecast allowances of credit-sensitive assets, including AFS, loans and HTM securities, to satisfy the latest accounting standards (CECL).

Model Risk Management

Manage your model inventory, validations, and issue resolution on a single, customizable dashboard.

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How reliable is your data?

Our team of quants and data scientists is available on demand to provide custom support.


Ready to elevate your analytics?

  • Go further with our cutting-edge platform for data modeling and analytics.

  • Access talented quants and data scientists to help build, manage, and integrate your data applications.

  • Use our analytics expertise to help you make better sense of your data.




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