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Innovating Climate Risk Analytics for Mortgage Finance

Our Unique Approach

  • Property-Specific Analysis for Targeted Results

  • Leverages Catastrophic Event Models Used to Price Risk Today

  • Holistic View of Risk that Considers the Overarching Economic Drivers of Mortgage Performance

Tableau report depicting Cat 5 Florida hurricane

Flood, Storm, Earthquake, and Wildfire Risk

From industry-leading Catastrophic Event Models

RiskSpan has Partnered with Verisk Extreme Event Solutions to Deliver Tailored Climate Analytics for the Mortgage Space.

What We Create

Loan Level Hazard Risk Scoring

Converts Property Loss Simulations into an Easy-to-Use Risk Scoring Framework

  • Considers location-specific risk

  • Property attributes and mitigating features (age, roof, construction, etc.)

  • Flags Loans with risk but uninsured–outside FEMA designated SFHAs

Climate and Natural Hazard Stress Testing

Transparent, Adjustable Set of Mortgage Model Scenarios

  • Scenarios Covering Specific, Acute Weather Events

  • Climate Risk Scenarios capturing Chronic Physical Risk and Transition Risk

How it’s Delivered

Loan Score and At-Risk Loan Watch List

Risk Score Analysis for Portfolio Management or Loan Screening

Portfolio Risk Dashboards

Tableau Dashboards to Dig Deeper on Loan Scoring and Climate Stress Testing Results

Financial Disclosure Report & Commentary

Consolidated Reporting to Support Corporate Climate Risk Disclosures

On-Going Portfolio Monitoring and Emerging Event Risk Analysis

On-Going Portfolio Monitoring and Emerging Event Risk Analysis

Update Analysis as New Loans Acquired, Analyze Hazard Events in Real-Time

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