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Our quants, financial engineers, and data scientists solve complex problems to make analytics meaningful and actionable.

Our Expertise

Engage support for discrete projects or integrate our team with yours for full-time staffing support

Data Management

Access our loan and securities market expertise to make your data more reliable and actionable.

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Models & Forecasting

Leverage the most current modeling techniques to align your data, portfolio, and economic inputs to quickly identify risks and project returns under any market condition.

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Model Validation

From ALM to AML and Valuation to VaR, our experienced model validation team has validated it and knows how to write reports that withstand internal audit and regulatory scrutiny.

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Valuation & Portfolio Analysis

Our former traders and portfolio managers will generate assumption curves and incorporate market color into CUSIP and loan-level analyses to yield prices reflective of real market conditions.

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Learn how machine learning can help you explore data and unlock value.


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