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Capital Markets, Banking, and Insurance

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Predictive Analytics

Make informed data-driven decisions with powerful predictive analytics.

Predictive Modeling

& Loss Forecasting

Proprietary and custom modeling solutions for an unprecedented view into predicted asset performance.

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Utilize modeling techniques like machine learning to uncover new insight into your data.

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Cash Flow


Custom Python cash flow modeling and integration with industry providers, including Intex.

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Data Management

Knock down data silos to enable downstream analytics.

Big Data Processing

Implement multi-thread parallel processing and modern map-reduce processing techniques to get faster, more reliable results.

Data Integration

Point-to-point data integration for new or existing applications and back-end upgrades on modern technical architectures.

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Data Testing

Get the latest in automated testing design and test techniques with our expert staff. Applied machine learning models for data testing to solve the hardest data problems.

Model and Data Governance

Raise confidence in your models and the data that supports them.



Cost-effective model validations by RiskSpan experts that easily withstand regulatory scrutiny.

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Model Risk

Management Software

Our model risk management software facilitates planning activities in a simple, clean, and easy- to-use interface.

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RiskSpan model and data experts help you ensure the data assets that drive your models have integrity, are available, usable, and secure.

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