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Valuation & Portfolio Analysis

Effortlessly manage loan and structured products under varying market conditions. Generate audit-ready valuations based on loan or security characteristics, market color, and proprietary behavioral models.

Loan & CUSIP Analysis

Price hard-to-value “Tier 3” assets using cash flows driven by our proprietary prepayment, default and severity models and our bond research team.

Dynamic Analytics

Generate accurate, audit-compliant prices for illiquid securities. Calibrate interest rate, loss distribution, and prepayment models for any security.

Cash Management

Accurately forecast P&I, T&I, and corporate servicing advances based on a comprehensive range of macroeconomic scenarios.

RiskSpan makes it easy to manage loan and structured product positions under any market condition.

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The ultimate end-to-end solution for loan and securities data.

Data management, model management, and predictive analytics on one scalable, cloud platform.


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