And why it’s probably less expensive than you think

Mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) are complex and volatile assets that require careful management and analysis. Inherent in MSR risk management is the need to monitor portfolio performance, assess risks and opportunities, evaluate and implement risk-reducing strategies such as recapture and interest rate hedging, and effectively communicate all this to investors and regulators. Handling all this has traditionally required an enormous budget for data, software, and consultants. Many mortgage banks are left with either using outdated and inflexible internal systems or outsourcing their analytics to third parties that lack full transparency and bill clients for every request. 

Not anymore.

The answer is a cloud-native MSR analytical solution that includes slice-and-dice-able Agency loan performance data as well as the models necessary to produce valuations, risk analytics and cash flows across both MSRs and associated derivative hedges, where applicable.

By integrating data, models, and reports, this combined solution enables mortgage banks to:

  • Generate internal metrics to compare with those received from third party brokers and consultants
  • Measure the fair value and cash flows of their MSRs under different scenarios and assumptions including a variety of recapture assumptions
  • Analyze the sensitivity of their MSRs (and associated hedges) to changes in interest rates, prepayment speeds, defaults, home prices and other factors
  • Compare their portfolio’s performance and characteristics with the market and industry peers
  • Generate customized reports and dashboards to share with investors, auditors, and regulators

More specifically, RiskSpan’s comprehensive data and analytics solution enables you to do the following:

1. Check assumptions used by outside analysts to run credit and prepayment analytics

Even in cases where the analytics are provided by a third party, mortgage banks frequently benefit from having their own analytical solution. Few things are more frustrating than analytics generated by a black box with no/limited visibility into assumptions or methodology. RiskSpan’s MSR tool provides mortgage banks with an affordable means of checking the assumptions and methodologies used by outside analysts to run credit and prepayment analytics on their portfolio.

Different analysts use different assumptions and models to run credit and prepayment analytics, often leading to inconsistent results that are difficult to explain. Some analysts use historical data while others rely on forward-looking projections. Some analysts simple models while others turn to complex one. Some analysts are content with industry averages while others dig into portfolio-specific data.

Having access to a fully transparent MSR analytical solution of their own allows mortgage banks to check the assumptions and models used by outside analysts for reasonableness and consistency. In addition to helping with results validation and identification of discrepancies or errors, it also facilitates communication of the rationale and logic behind assumptions and models to investors and regulators.  Lastly, the ability for a mortgage bank to internally generate MSR valuations and cash flows allows for a greater understanding of the economic value (vs. accounting value) of the asset they hold.

2. Understand how your portfolio’s prepayment performance stacks up against the market

Prepayment risk is one of the main drivers of MSR value and volatility. Mortgage banks need to know how their portfolio’s prepayment performance compares with the market and their peers. Knowing this helps mortgage banks field questions from investors, who may be concerned about the impact of prepayments on profitability and liquidity. It also helps identify areas of improvement and opportunity for the portfolio.

RiskSpan’s MSR analytical solution helps track and benchmark portfolio prepayment performance using various metrics, including CPR and SMM. It also helps analysts understand the drivers and trends of prepayments, such as interest rates, loan age, loan type, credit score, and geographic distribution. RiskSpan’s MSR analytical solution combined with its historical performance data provides a deeper understanding of how a portfolio’s prepayment performance stacks up against the market and what factors affect it.

And it’s less expensive than you might think

You may think that deploying an MSR analytical solution is too costly and complex, as it requires a lot of data, software, and expertise. However, this is not necessarily true.

Bundling RiskSpan’s MSR analytical solution with RiskSpan’s Agency historical performance tool actually winds up saving clients money by helping them optimize their portfolios and avoid costly mistakes. The solution:

  • Reduces the need for external data, software, and consultants because all the information and tools needed are in one platform
  • Maximizes portfolio performance and profitability by helping to identify and capture opportunities and mitigate risks, including through recapture analysis and active hedging
  • Enhances reputation and credibility by improving transparency to investors and regulators

RiskSpan’s solution is affordable and easy to use, with flexible pricing and deployment options, as well as user-friendly features and support, including intuitive interfaces, interactive dashboards, and comprehensive training and guidance. Its cloud-native, usage-based pricing structure means users pay only for the compute they need (in addition to a nominal licensing fee).

Contact us to learn more about how RiskSpan’s Edge Platform can help you understand how your MSR portfolio’s performance stacks up against the market, check assumptions used by outside analysts to run credit and prepayment analytics, and, most important, save money and time.