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Data as a Service

Our Platform and team of mortgage data experts handle your data warehousing, aggregation, validation, and normalization needs — so you can focus on your business

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Get clean data to drive your analytics while reducing annual operating costs by as much as 32%

Unify your loan & MSR portfolio data across disparate sources with daily updates

Make timely, informed decisions with comprehensive, updated, quality-controlled, analysis-ready data

Replace legacy systems and manual tasks; spend time creating insights


Replace Outdated Data Tech that Inflates Costs and Delays Decisions

Make Better, Faster Decisions and Lower Your Operational Costs

Powered by technology and specialists

How it Works


Intake Static Data

  1. Original loan and credit characteristics
  2. Sourced directly from originators
  3. Higher quality data from initial automated loads

Intake Dynamic Data

  1. Transactions and dynamic attributes
  2. Sourced directly from primary services or other vendors
  3. API to transact data edits

RiskSpan Value Add

  • Aggregate across data providers
  • Run validation technology
  • Apply Smart Mapping
  • Exceptions reporting
  • Insight into data lineage linked to source data (and audit trail of changes)
  • Reporting as a service

High-Performance, QC-ed, Analytics-Ready Data Warehouse

  • Host and manage a data warehouse for a range of loan and securities historical information
  • Data accessible via Edge platform, direct API integration, or via Tableau

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