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Unlock the power of structured, unstructured, and alternative data through AI and emerging technologies.

Machine Learning

Let cloud-based, machine learning algorithms blend alternative data with tightly structured information to enhance profitability and mitigate risk.

AI Data Ingestion & Integration

AI, machine learning, and API integrations intelligently integrate alternative data and organize information to make it more effective while productionalizing data pipelines.

Unstructured Data

Our pre-trained models provide a real-time view of dynamic conditions by contextually parsing news and published data sources to create actionable insights.

Process Modeling & Automation

Efficiencies made possible by RiskSpan’s machine learning and AI solutions have made next-day settlements a reality for structured transaction issuers.

Emergent tech is the future of fixed-income analytics.

RiskSpan specializes in end-to-end data management and data life-cycle solutions. We use machine learning and emerging technologies to simplify data ingestion, cleaning, and organization and enhance insights, governance, and business intelligence.

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Take it to another level with the Edge Platform.

Need firepower to crunch the numbers? The Edge Platform delivers fast and accurate outputs to complement your data strategy.


Ready to elevate your analytics?

  • Go further with our cutting-edge platform for data modeling and analytics.

  • Access talented quants and data scientists to help build, manage, and integrate your data applications.

  • Use our analytics expertise to help you make better sense of your data.

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