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Asset Classes

Fully managed, end-to-end solutions for specialized products and diversified portfolios.

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Expertise Across Assets

RiskSpan solutions have broad coverage of asset classes
Agency MBS
Use The Edge Platform to slice and dice data and look for patterns among various bonds using the graphical interface. The tool provides a flexible user interface that supports analysis of prepayment data and actionable reporting. The database includes all monthly pool level data published by the Agencies dating back to 1995.
Private Label RMBS
Be ready to act when opportunities arise by pre-analyzing RMBS performance data and ranking cohorts. Confirm relative credit value against benchmarks; value bonds with loan-level forecasts and Intex-integrated cash flows and analytics; infer current prices with filtered market color. Analyze new issue deals with precision by linking loan and CDI files.

Residential Mortgage Loans
Offload and outsource strenuous data management. Our solutions make it easy to mine available loan portfolios for profitable sub-cohorts, spot risky loans for exclusion, apply a host of credit and prepay scenario analyses, and parse static and performance data in any way imaginable.

Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs)
Use cloud-native technology and enhanced database and warehouse infrastructure to harness loan-level analytics. Produce the credit insights necessary to forecast reliably and granularly what a servicing portfolio is really going to cost in terms of collections, loss mitigation, and claims expenses.

Structured Products (ABS & More)
Cost-efficient and flexible solutions that bundles required data feeds, infrastructure management, and predictive models for mortgages and structured products. The Edge Platform manages and validates third-party data as well as client portfolio data, and produces scenario analytics in a secure hosted environment.
Private Credit & Loans
Gain an informational edge while using data and tools to dissect the performance of investor loans. Analyze the performance of investor loans compared to owner-occupied loans and identify relative value opportunities.
Cross Assets (Equities, Corporate Bonds & More)
Improve investment decisions across your entire portfolio. Concurrently analyze all your assets using multiple scenarios across multiple time frames and determine the best investment strategies for the short and long term.
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