Case Study: RS Edge – Analytics and Risk

The Client Large Life Insurance Company - Investment Group Talk ScopeGet the Guide The Problem The Client was shopping around for an analytics and risk platform to be used by both the trading desk and risk managers. RiskSpan Edge Platform enabled highly scalable analytics and risk modeling providing visibility and control to address investment analysis, risk surveillance,...ShareTweetShare

Case Study: Securitization Disclosure File Creation Process

The Client Private Label Mortgage-Backed Security Issuer  Talk ScopeGet the Guide The Problem The client issues private label MBS with sources from multiple origination channels. In accordance with industry requirements, the client needed to create and make available to securitization counterparties a loan-level data file (the “ASF File”) which has been defined and endorsed by the Structured Finance Industry Group. ​ The process of extraction...ShareTweetShare

Case Study: How a $250B Asset Manager Manages Risk

The Client $250B+ Asset Manager Get A DemoGet the VaR Guide The Problem Every portfolio manager requires reliable and accurate analytics to manage risk and improve investment decisions. They require understanding of investment positions and the impacts on risk metrics measures such as value at risk (VaR). The faster they can assess a portfolio’s total...ShareTweetShare