RiskSpan Adds Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Data to Edge Platform

ARLINGTON, VA, September 12, 2018 — Leading mortgage data analytics provider RiskSpan added Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Data to the library of datasets available through its RS Edge Platform. The dataset includes over half a billion records from Ginnie Mae that will expand the RS Edge Platform’s critical applications in Reverse-Mortgage Analysis. RS Edge… ShareTweetShare+1

Big Companies; Big Data Issues

Data issues plague organizations of all sorts and sizes. But generally, the bigger the dataset, and the more transformations the data goes through, the greater the likelihood of problems. Organizations take in data from many different sources, including social media, third-party vendors and other structured and unstructured origins, resulting in massive and complex data storage… ShareTweetShare+1

MDM to the Rescue for Financial Institutions

Data becomes an asset only when it is efficiently harnessed and managed. Because firms tend to evolve into silos, their data often gets organized that way as well, resulting in multiple references and unnecessary duplication of data that dilute its value. Master Data Management (MDM) architecture helps to avoid these and other pitfalls by applying… ShareTweetShare+1

Join Us: Webinar – Using Machine Learning in Whole Loan Data Prep

Register for our webinar on June 26th at 11:30 am, where we cover Using Machine Learning in Whole Loan Data Prep. One of the biggest obstacles to managing whole loan data is curating and normalizing multiple, disparate data sets. A field such as ‘interest rate’ may be formatted seven different ways from seven different sources, and… ShareTweetShare+1

Choosing a CECL Methodology

CECL presents institutions with a vast array of choices when it comes to CECL loss estimation methodologies. It can seem a daunting challenge to winnow down the list of possible methods. Institutions must consider considering competing concerns – including soundness and auditability, cost and feasibility, and the value of model reusability. Institutions must convince not… ShareTweetShare+1

A Brief Introduction to Agile Philosophy

Reducing time to delivery by developing in smaller incremental chunks and incorporating an ability to pivot is the cornerstone of Agile software development methodology. “Agile” software development is a rarity among business buzz words in that it is actually a fitting description of what it seeks to accomplish. Optimally implemented, it is capable of delivering… ShareTweetShare+1

Growing Benefits of Big Data

2018 is poised to further revolutionize the way companies use Big Data to improve their financial bottom lines. The term Big Data generally refers to a dataset that is too large to be efficiently administered and evaluated by a traditional relational database. Its meaning has recently expanded, however, to include advanced technologies that can store,… ShareTweetShare+1