Our Feature Spotlight
Sin Lee
The AAPI region is so large and diverse. We want to shine a light on the individual cultures of the region. Can you share a bit about yourself and your cultural heritage?
I was born in South Korea and came to the states when I was 13. Adapting to the new country and culture was challenging during my teenage years, but now having experienced both worlds, it has allowed me to appreciate the diversity this country has, my family and everything else around me. My heritage is Korean, and we still speak Korean in our home and I don’t foresee this will change in the future.
How did you find your way to RiskSpan?
I used to work at Wells Fargo Corporate Trust Services in the legacy RMBS. I wanted to explore different aspect of the MBS universe and challenge myself on different consulting projects with technical skills and critical thinking. When the opportunity came up, I followed through and I don’t regret my decision.
What is your Role at RiskSpan?
I am currently a Manager of one person team. This is my first year of being a manager, so there are a lot of new responsibilities to take. I hope to continue great relationship with our team going forward, so we can all cooperate and reach our goals.
How has your heritage shaped the person you are today?
My heritage, which is my parents shaped who I am today. During my teenage years, both of my parents were hard working blue-collar workers and I have never heard them complaining about the harsh situation they were in. They sacrificed everything they had to keep us educated and well-fed. Over the many years of seeing them, it has shaped me to appreciate everything that happens whether it’s good or bad. Of course there are bad days, but realizing they had gone through even worse situations, I appreciate where I am, who I am and move on.
Do you or your family have any traditions that are especially important to you?
One of the very important traditions is the Korean New Year. We bow down to our parents to receive words of wisdom and gather for rice cake soup. Eating the rice cake soup is a tradition to grant the people good luck for the year and gain one year of age. This soup is one of my favorite dishes.
What at RiskSpan do you find most interesting?
Work and People. Over the years I’ve spent at RiskSpan it was very interesting to see various products and services that RiskSpan offers and there are always valuable skills learned after each project. There were times when I struggled with certain projects, but I always found an opportunity to learn, and am grateful to work with very talented and intelligent team who are willing to help at all costs. Teamwork at RiskSpan works.
What does AAPI Heritage Month mean to you?
AAPI Heritage reminds me to recognize all the contributions and influences that people have given to these communities and country. We all have different culture, so it’s great to celebrate and cherish who we are.
This past year, there has been an exponential rise in hate-filled actions towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. What does showing up to support the AAPI community mean to you?
I never understood why someone would be so violent without any reason or just because they were AAPIs. It’s just not tolerable. I personally had encountered few situations when I was in middle school, just because I was Asian and couldn’t speak English. It may only be one fun moment for the offender but leaves an unerasable memory for the others. It is important to point out racism is wrong, so the world becomes a better place for everyone and future generations.
What would be your advise to young men and women from the AAPI community?
Take pride of who you are and celebrate the AAPI Heritage Month. It is a great time to look back where we’re from and appreciate prior generations because they have paved smooth paths for us to walk and run. Also we’re all living in the ‘Land of Opportunities’, so strive for the goals and live your life fully.