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Snowflake Select Partner

Services Overview


Led by executive-level financial services experts with many years of large program delivery experience, RiskSpan helps business and technical leaders transition to the Snowflake Data Cloud.

As a designated Snowflake Select Partner, RiskSpan’s services are tailored to target specific business case opportunities across organizations, or within specific lines of business.

Consulting Snowflake-Services

Implementation Planning

Leverage proven best practices. Detailed roadmaps adapted to client’s specific needs.


Migration Services

Provide clients a full-service experience to migrate data infrastructure to Snowflake

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Data Architecture
& Data Pipeline

Review data architecture & pipelines to help optimize the Snowflake data solution

Deliver Proof Of Concept

Deliver a highly-focused POC enabling clients to build a powerful business case

Analytics/BI Integration

Integrate customers’ existing BI environments to work with Snowflake

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ETL Migration

Assist in the integration of client’s existing ETL tools and transform workflows to Snowflake


Utilize best practices to help optimize performance based on client needs

Snowflake User Training

Deliver training to clients on the full functionality of the Snowflake platform

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