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End-to-End Data, Models & Analytics with Usage-based Pricing

See RiskSpan’s Edge Platform in Action

End-to-End Data, Models &

Portfolio Managers, Traders, and Risk Professionals: Contact us to discuss cost-effective options for accessing the Edge Platform’s full range of features without having to license individual product modules. Only pay for the compute you need.


Benefit from:
  • Lower Costs: Pay only for what you need, rather than being locked into an expensive contract that may not suit you current or future situation

  • Cost Sharing: Share costs across the enterprise and better manage expense based on usage by individual functions and business units

  • Transparency: Monitor usage and directly link analytics configuration and usage to results and goals. Better control spending

  • Flexibility: Experiment with different features and options of RiskSpan’s Edge Platform — avoid the restrictions of a predefined package or plan

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