Our Feature Spotlight
Aminah Ambakisye
Quantitative Analyst
How long have you been with RiskSpan?
I have worked for RiskSpan for about 2 years.
What does your role at RiskSpan entail?

I am a quantitative analyst. I work with clients to validate their models. I perform statistical analyses and devise benchmarking and back-testing schemes for the models. I also prepare model validation reports and related, supporting technical documents.

What 3 words best describe RiskSpan?
Flexible, welcoming, and supportive
What are your favorite hobbies?
I like to bake, go shopping, play chess, and go swimming.
What is one thing on your Bucket List? 
One thing on my bucket list is to visit every continent.
What do you like about our company culture?
I like that the company tries to connect its employees both to the company’s overall mission and to one another with initiatives like volunteer opportunities, as well as both virtual and in-person gatherings.
Which company values resonate with you the most?
Continuous learning. RiskSpan encourages us to learning new skills and make improvements on our work.
Describe how you’ve grown professionally since you started working for RiskSpan
I had just graduated when I joined RiskSpan, so I did not have much experience outside of academia. My managers and colleagues have helped me gain new skills and experiences that I use during the validations. I have had exposure to different validation projects which has helped me gain a broader understanding of the mortgage industry.