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Category: Featured Webinar

Connect with us at SFVegas 2024

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RiskSpan is delighted to be sponsoring SFVegas 2024!

Connect with our team there to learn how we can help you move off your legacy systems, streamline workflows and transform your data.

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Don’t miss these RiskSpan presenters at SFVegas 2024

Bernadette Kogler

Housing Policy:
What’s Ahead
Mon, Feb 26th, 1:00 PM

Tom Pappalardo

Future of Fintech
Wed, Feb 28th, 9:15 AM

Divas Sanwal

Big Data & Machine Learning: Impacts on Origination
Wed, Feb 28th, 11:05 AM

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Prepayment Modeling: Today’s Housing Turnover Conundrum


Alex Fishbein

Director, TD Securities

Divas Sanwal

Head of Modeling, RiskSpan

Raj Dosaj

Chief Revenue Officer, RiskSpan

Recorded: Thursday, June 22

Accurately modeling the lock-in effect on housing turnover presents some unique challenges.

Join TD’s Alex Fishbein and RiskSpan’s Divas Sanwal as they discuss various approaches available to modelers for tackling these challenges.

Webinar Recording: An Investor’s Guide to America’s Housing Supply Crisis


Amy Crews Cutts

President, AC Cutts and Associates and Chief Economist, NACM

Michael Neal

Equity Scholar and 
Principal Research Associate, Urban Institute

Janet Jozwik

Senior Managing Director and Head of Climate Analytics, RiskSpan

Divas Sanwal

Managing Director and Head of Modeling, RiskSpan

Recorded: Wednesday, March 29th

An informative webinar on the nation’s current “out-of-whack” housing supply and what it means for mortgage investors, homeowners, prospective homebuyers, and renters alike!

Housing economists Amy Crews Cutts and Michael Neal join RiskSpan credit and prepayment modelers Janet Jozwik and Divas Sanwal as they explore the factors that contribute to the current housing supply imbalance, including the cost of building, the impact of permits and zoning, and the emergence of the “missing middle.” They discuss how high interest rates and rental prices are incentivizing owners who relocate to hold old on to their old properties and become landlords. They also examine the impact of ADUs, zoning issues, and the availability of renovation financing.

Mortgage loan and security investors will learn about what housing supply means for prepay speeds. The panelists will consider the role of financing in addressing housing supply issues, including the market for low-balance loans and unconventional options like contracts for deed and lease-to-own arrangements.

The panel discusses the evolving housing needs of the population, including the desire to age in place, the challenges posed by multigenerational living arrangements, and the viability of several proposed solutions, including the potential for converting unused commercial properties into housing.

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