Agency MBS

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Customizable Prepayment Analysis Software

Pre-Cleaned Datasets

Derive hidden insights by analyzing one of our hosted mortgage and consumer loan data sets, and allowing you to benchmark against your own data.

Whether simply our commercial-off-the-shelf datasets or your own custom loan data, be up and running in a fraction of the time it may take your current in-house IT to support.

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Rely on RiskSpan

Not on Spreadsheets


Utilize our flexible, visual query interface.

Easy Bucketing

Customize user-defined buckets.

Cohort Analysis

Compare trends across cohorts.


Compare servicer performance and behavior.

Visualize MBS Data

Integrated BI Tools

The Agency-MBS Trader Module serves up intuitive and easy-to-read visual business intelligence.

  • Visualize data with integrated graphing and charting
  • Research new prepayment trends
  • Create user-defined data tables
  • Export customized charts and graphs for marketing purposes
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