Our Feature Spotlight
Guanlin Chen
Senior Quantitative Analyst
How long have you been with RiskSpan?
Around 4 years
What does your role at RiskSpan entail?
As a Quant, I primarily develop and update our residential mortgage prepayment and credit default models to support a broader range of collateral types and to adapt to market changes. My responsibilities also include client portfolio analytics, cash flow analysis, and oversight and assessment of model performance on a weekly basis, benchmarking against other model vendors.
Additionally, I evaluate client portfolios in line with their investment, business development, and risk management purposes, offering tailored model tuning suggestions.
What 3 words best describe RiskSpan?
Inclusive, Innovative, Agile
What are your favorite hobbies?
Reading, Astrophotography, Ball games
What is one thing on your Bucket List? 
Drive across the U.S. on Route 66
What do you like about our company culture?
I really appreciate the company’s inclusiveness, where everyone’s opinions are taken into account. The relatively flat organizational structure enhances smooth collaboration among colleagues and truly ignites a passion for work.
Which company values resonate with you the most?
Innovation resonates with me the most. RiskSpan constantly strives to incorporate new technologies to address challenges and optimize solutions in structured finance, aligning with my passion to keep our predictive models state-of-the-art.
Describe how you’ve grown professionally since you started working for RiskSpan
Since joining the company, I’ve benefited immensely from the ample training materials provided, as well as the invaluable guidance from seasoned colleagues who have deep expertise in this domain. Their mentorship enabled me to quickly grasp the fundamentals of mortgage and structured finance. Furthermore, serving our wide-ranging client base has continuously challenged me, honing my ability to understand their specific needs and to deliver scientific and quantifiable solutions.