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Modernizing Structured Finance Investment for Insurers

Modernizing Structured Finance Investment for Insurers

Insurers in today’s structured finance markets navigate a highly regulated environment that puts a premium on accuracy, reporting, and high operational standards. Industry leaders are innovators who harness data and analytics to enhance their risk management programs. Expanding the role of advanced analytics yields not only efficiencies and more accurate and granular loss predictions, but ultimately better investment decisions.

Harness Data-Rich Analytics at Scale

For digitally driven investors, RiskSpan is a trusted partner to help you harness data to unlock investment opportunities and mitigate financial risks. By combining breakthrough technologies with domain expertise, our clients have a powerful lens through which to extract more value.

Harness Data-Rich Analytics at Scale
Extract More Value from Data

Extract More Value from Data

The Edge platform—a cloud-native, comprehensive analytics solution for loans and structured products—enables practitioners to explore historical performance, model scenarios and predict outcomes at scale. Edge’s broad asset class coverage makes RiskSpan a unified platform to manage data, models, and analytics across the enterprise.

Clients + RiskSpan Team = Community

We partner collaboratively with clients who are the very best in the industry to design solutions that modernize processes and drive better investment analytics. Our subject matter experts are market practitioners who truly understand your needs and specialize in structured products help you harness data to refine your market view.

Clients + RiskSpan Team = Community

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Edge Platform

Analytics for loans and structured finance investments.

RiskSpan’s advanced technology is a highly configurable platform for integration of data,
models, and analytics on high-speed, cloud-native infrastructure.

Data + Models + Analytics

Data and analytics that scale – to help investors and risk managers manage loans, securities, and mortgage servicing rights.

Edge Platform
Edge Platform
Edge Platform

On-Demand. Access normalized and reliable data to analyze historical performance of loans and securities as part of your pre-trade analysis.

Edge Predictive

On-Demand. Run analytics for loans, securities, and MSRs.

Leverage “tape cracking” for loan collateral with our SMART ETL tool.

Use RiskSpan’s predictive prepayment and credit models or substitute your own.

Edge Portfolio

On-Demand or Managed Service. Run portfolio analytics and market risk on over 70+ asset classes. Access and select shock scenarios from our extensive library.

Our advanced compute tech is powered by high-speed distributed cloud-native architecture that meets the changing requirements of investors and regulators.

Edge Data As a Service

Data aggregation engine and data warehouse with next generation validation technology.

Data sourced directly from primary loan servicers and other vendors.

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Consultative Solutions

Drive transformation by modernizing your data management and analytics with RiskSpan’s innovative and customized professional services.

Consultative Solutions

Data Analytics, Data Management & Reporting

Modernize your data platform, augment internal capabilities and improve workflow efficiency

Cash Flow Modeling

Any asset or loan, public or private, conventional or esoteric, our team build a cash flow model for it

Modeling & Model Validation

Services across the lifecycle of modeling needs


Tap into next generation capabilities without risk and burden of high cost

Valuation & Portfolio Analysis

Valuations based on loan or security characteristics, market color, and proprietary behavioral models.

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