Recorded: Wednesday, January 25th | 2:00 p.m. EST

As the Covid-19 pandemic began taking hold three years ago, very few people foresaw the dramatic impact it would have on household mobility. And yet within a year, millions of people had resettled – some temporarily, some permanently – to locations untethered to where their jobs were. Notwithstanding a gradual return to some offices, a tight labor market has enabled the increased mobility initially brought about by Covid to persist.

Will these mobility trends persist as other pandemic-era practices continue to recede? What role will climate change play in mobility as an increasing number of areas grapple with questions of insurability and other challenges tied to climate risk.

Housing economist Amy Crews Cutts, Freddie Mac chief economist and head of housing research Sam Khater, and RiskSpan head of modeling Divas Sanwal and head of climate analytics Janet Jozwik explore how these otherwise unrelated macro factors — Covid and climate – are combining to impact household mobility in the coming years.


Amy Cutts

Amy Crews Cutts

President, AC Cutts and Associates and Chief Economist, NACM

Sam Khater FM Picture (3)

Sam Khater

VP, Chief Economist, and Head of Freddie Mac’s Economic Housing and Research Division

Janet Jozwik

Senior Managing Director and Head of Climate Analytics, RiskSpan  

Divas Sanwal Photo (3)

Divas Sanwal

Managing Director and Head of Modeling, RiskSpan