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Webinar: New Mobility Trends: The Impacts of Covid & Climate

As the Covid-19 pandemic began taking hold three years ago, very few people foresaw the dramatic impact it would have on household mobility.

Wednesday, January 25th | 2:00 p.m. EST

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Rethink your loan and structured finance data

Clean data, historical performance, and predictive analytics for loans, securities, and MSRs.

Work with the data experts in loans and structured finance.

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Rethink your analytics.

Harness cloud-native analytics at scale to manage investment opportunities and financial risks.

Pricing and Trading: Loans, Securities, and MSRs

Market Risk

Surveillance for Credit Risk

Climate Risk and ESG



Research Tools and Benchmarking

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Rethink: Data + Models + Analytics

Learn more about RiskSpan’s award-winning platform for loans, securities, and MSRs analytics.

Historical analysis and predictive risk forecasting – on-demand from your browser or by integrated institutional batch.

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RiskSpan Technology

RiskSpan’s Edge Platform is a powerful combination of data, models, and analytics for loans, securities, and MSRs.

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Your complex markets require sophisticated software AND the right people to get the most out of analytics.

Our Analysts-on-Demand solution is part of your investment in RiskSpan’s Edge Platform or available to you separately by retainer for your specialized analytics needs.

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