The Client

Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE)

The Problem

A GSE and large mortgage securitizer maintained data from multiple work streams in several disparate systems, provided at different frequencies. Quarterly and ad-hoc data aggregation, consolidation, reporting and analytics required a significant amount of time and personnel hours. ​

The client desired configurable integration with source systems, automated acquisition of over 375 million records and performance improvements in report development.


The Solution

The client engaged RiskSpan Consulting Services to develop a reporting environment backed by an ETL Engine to automate data acquisition from multiple sources. 

The Deliverables

  • Reviewed system architecture, security protocol, user requirements and data dictionaries to determine feasibility and approach.​
  • Developed a user-configurable ETL Engine, developed in Python, to load data from different sources into a PostgreSQL data repository hosted on Linux server. The engine provides real-time status updates and error tracking.​
  • Developed the reporting module of the ETL Engine in Python to automatically generate client-defined Excel reports, reducing report development time from days to minutes​
  • Made raw and aggregated data available for internal users to connect virtually any reporting tool, including Python, R, Tableau and Excel​
  • Developed a user interface, leveraging the API exposed by the ETL Engine, allowing users to create and schedule jobs as well as stand up user-controlled reporting environments​