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Data Ingestion and Integration

Advanced Data Ingestion and Integration tools with Machine learning to intelligently recognize the financial loan level raw data. Microservices based architecture for data ingestion through API’s.

Analytics and BI

Advanced analytics using Python, R and SAS tools. Proprietary Edge platforms to perform advanced financial loan risk analytics. Seamless integration of analytics output to BI dashboards using Tableau, Qlik and Power BI.

Big Data and Spark

Big data framework solution using AWS EMR Spark for complex financial loan risk and predictive analytics dealing with terabytes of loan level data.

Intelligent Data Ingestion

RiskSpan has built a data ingestion system that consumes large amounts of financial data and intelligence by leveraging financial algorithms and machine learning to perform intelligent data recognition.

Additionally to streamline the analysis process and improve the quantity and quality of our insights, we have made our datasets, their attributes, and relationships transparent and quickly accessible using graph database technology.

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Data Governance

RiskSpan’s experts leverage complete data governance tools and best practices to help you meet data compliance and regulatory needs as well as solve data efficiency issues.

RiskSpan has partnered with other industry experts to address data quality, data lineage, and Master Data Management (MDM) issues. RiskSpan’s team also brings deep expertise in financial data best practices around security and meta data management.

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Data Management

Data Governance Experts

Data Lineage

RiskSpan has partnered with industry-leading providers to harness technical solutions for data lineage.

Master Data Management

RiskSpan has mastered the best practices around MDM working with disparate data sources. With ever increasing regulatory and compliance needs for financial institutions it’s important to have a single view of the client reference data.

Data Quality

RiskSpan’s experience working with raw data from financial institutions helps us to ensure your data is of the highest quality for downstream or any other analytical application usage.

An End-to-End Solution

For Loan and Securities Data

The RiskSpan Edge Platform is a data management, modeling, and predictive analytics software platform for loans and fixed-income securities. Our scalable, cloud-based platform enables you to make better business decisions based on uncommon insights into historical trends and advanced predictive forecasts.

Data management, model management, and predictive analytics on one platform. The RiskSpan Edge Platform. Data made beautiful.

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