ARLINGTON, Va., January 24, 2024 – RiskSpan, the leading tech provider of data management and analytics services for loans and structured products, has partnered with tech-enabled asset manager Dominium Advisors to introduce a new whole loan market color dashboard to RiskSpan’s Edge Platform.

This new dashboard combines loan-level market pricing and trading data with risk analytics for GSE-eligible and non-QM loans. It enables loan investors unprecedented visibility into where loans are currently trading and insight on how investors can currently achieve excess risk-adjusted yields.


The dashboard highlights Dominium’s proprietary loan investment and allocation approach, which allows investors to evaluate any set of residential loans available for bid. Leveraging RiskSpan’s collateral models and risk analytics, Dominium’s software helps investors maximize yield or spread subject to investment constraints, such as a risk budget, or management constraints, such as concentration limits.

“Our strategic partnership with RiskSpan is a key component of our residential loan asset management operating platform ,” said Peter A. Simon, Founder and CEO of Dominium Advisors. “It has enabled us to provide clients with powerful risk analytics and data management capabilities in unprecedented ways.”

“The dashboard is a perfect complement to our suite of analytical tools,” noted Janet Jozwik, Senior Managing Director and Head of Product for RiskSpan’s Edge Platform. “We are excited to be a conduit for delivering this level of market color to our mortgage investor clients.”

The market color dashboard (and other RiskSpan reporting) can be accessed by registering for a free Edge Platform login at


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About Dominium Advisors Dominium Advisors is a tech-enabled asset manager specializing in the acquisition and management of residential mortgage loans for insurance companies and other institutional investors. The firm focuses on newly originated residential mortgage loans made to high quality borrowers – GSE eligible, jumbo and non-QM. Its proprietary loan-level software makes possible the construction of loan portfolios that achieve investor defined objectives such as higher risk-adjusted yields and spreads or limited exposure to tail risk events. Learn more at