New innovative pricing model offers lower costs, transparency, and flexibility for analytics users 

RiskSpan, a top provider of cloud-based analytics solutions for loans, MSRs, structured products and private credit, announced today the launch of a usage-based pricing model for its Edge Platform. The new pricing model enables clients flexibility to pay only for the compute they use. It also gives clients access to the full platform, including data, models, and analytics, without having to license individual product modules. 

Usage-based pricing is a trend that reflects the evolving nature of analytics and the increasing demand for more flexible, transparent, and value-driven pricing models. It is especially suited for the dynamic and diverse needs of analytics users, whose data volumes, usage patterns, and analytical complexity requirements often fluctuate with the markets.

RiskSpan was an early adopter of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in 2010. Its new usage-based pricing, powered by the AWS cloud, enables RiskSpan to invoice its clients based on user-configured workloads, which can scale up or down as needed. 

“Usage-based pricing is a game-changer for our clients and the industry,” said Bernadette Kogler, CEO of RiskSpan. “It aligns our pricing with the value we deliver and the outcomes we enable for our clients. It also eliminates the waste and inefficiency of paying for unused, fixed-fee compute capacity, year after year in long-term, set price contracts. Now our clients can optimize their spending while experimenting with all the features our platform has to offer.”

“We are excited RiskSpan chose AWS to launch its new pricing model. Our values are aligned in earning trust through transparent variable pricing that allows our customers to innovate and remain agile.” said Ben Schreiner, Head of Business Innovation, at Amazon Web Services. “By leveraging the latest in AWS technology, including our generative AI services, RiskSpan is accelerating the value they deliver to their customers, and ultimately, the entire financial services industry.”

Usage-based pricing offers several benefits for RiskSpan clients, including: 

  • Lower Costs: Clients pay only for what they need, rather than being locked into an expensive contract that may not suit their current or future situation. 
  • Cost Sharing: Clients can share costs across the enterprise and better manage expense based on usage by individual functions and business units. 
  • Transparency: Clients can monitor their usage and directly link their analytics configuration and usage to their results and goals. They can also better control their spending by tracking their usage and seeing how it affects their bill. 
  • Flexibility: Clients can experiment with different features and options of RiskSpan’s Edge Platform, as they are not restricted by a predefined package or plan. 

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