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Institutionally Focused Broker-Dealer: Product Service

As a new MBS operation, this institutional broker-dealer needed trade capture and analytics functionality, particularly for risk management purposes. The broker-dealer also required an application to track MBS pass-through positions in real-time, given the active trading style of its pass-through desk (an average of 3 trades per minute).

The Solution

The client adopted the Edge Platform and RiskSpan provided custom development services that included:

  • A real-time  pass-through matrix  Start-of-Day/ Intra-day firm-wide position upload (taking a feed from a proprietary books-and-records system)
  • Real-time trade capture from Bloomberg and internal sources

The pass-though desk actively used the pass-through matrix for several years. When the client developed its own internal solution, it continued using the Edge Platform to run daily risk scenarios on the firm’s positions.

Total development time for all these projects was about 6 weeks.

Institutionally Focused Broker-Dealer: Prepayment Analysis

An institutional-broker dealer needed a solution to analyze agency MBS prepayment data.

The Solution

The Edge Platform has been adopted and is actively used by the Agency trading desk to analyze Agency MBS prepayment data, to discover relationships between borrower characteristics and prepayment behavior.  

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