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Model Validation Programs – Optimizing Value in Model Risk Groups

Watch RiskSpan Managing Director, Tim Willis, discuss how to optimize model validation programs. RiskSpan’s model risk management practice has experience in both building and validating models, giving us unique expertise to provide very high quality validations without diving into activities and exercises of marginal value.


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Analytics-as-a-Service – CECL Forecasting

The RiskSpan Edge Platform CECL Module delivers the technology platform and expertise to take you from where you are today to producing audit-ready CECL estimates. Our dedicated CECL Module executes your monthly loss reserving and reporting process under the new CECL standard, covering data intake, segmentation, modeling, and report generation within a single platform. Watch RiskSpan Director David Andrukonis explain the Edge CECL Module in this video.


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RiskSpan Edge Platform API

The RiskSpan Edge Platform API enables direct access to all data from the RS Edge Platform. This includes both aggregate analytics and loan-and pool-level data.  Standard licensed users may build queries in our browser-based graphical interface. But, our API is a channel for power users with programming skills (Python, R, even Excel) and production systems that are incorporating RS Edge Platform components as part of their Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Watch RiskSpan Director LC Yarnelle explain the Edge API in this video!

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Data-as-a-Service – Credit Risk Transfer Data

Watch RiskSpan Managing Director Janet Jozwik explain our recent Credit Risk Transfer data (CRT) additions to the RS Edge Platform.

Each dataset has been normalized to the same standard for simpler analysis in RS Edge, enabling users to compare GSE performance with just a few clicks. The data has also been enhanced to include helpful variables, such as mark-to-market loan-to-value ratios based on the most granular house price indexes provided by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. 

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