Learn how to use Python User-Defined Functions in Snowflake SQL

Using CPR computation for a pool of mortgage loans as an example, this six-minute tutorial succinctly demonstrates how to:

  1. Query Snowflake data using SQL
  2. Write and execute Python user-defined functions inside Snowflake
  3. Compute CDR using Python UDF inside Snowflake SQL

This is this second in a 10-part tutorial series demonstrating how RiskSpan’s Snowflake integration makes mortgage and structured finance analytics easier than ever before.

Episode 1, Setting Up a Database and Uploading 28 Million Mortgage Loans, is available here.

Future topics will include:

  • External Tables (accessing data without a database)
  • OLAP vs OLTP and hybrid tables in Snowflake
  • Time Travel functionality, clone and data replication
  • Normalizing data and creating a single materialized view
  • Dynamic tables data concepts in Snowflake
  • Data share
  • Data masking
  • Snowpark: Data analysis (pandas) functionality in Snowflake