RiskSpan’s Edge Platform is the leading comprehensive data and mortgage analytics platform tailored for residential whole loan and MSR trading, empowering investors with advanced cloud technology and AI. By streamlining loan and MSR data management, providing customizable historical performance insights, and powering robust valuation and risk analysis, Riskspan’s Edge Platform automates complex data tasks and identifies critical, loan-level insights. 

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What do 2023 Originations Means for MSRs?

Are you investing in MSRs or considering doing so in the near future? If so, understanding current origination trends and loan characteristics is a critical component of predicting future MSR performance and prepayment risk. Read our latest research post, which looks into key characteristics of 2023 originations.


Why Accurate Loan Pool and MSR Cost Forecasting Requires Loan-by-Loan Analytics

Loan cohorting has been a useful strategy to limit the computational power necessary to run simulations. But advances in cloud compute and increasing heterogeneity of loan and MSR portfolios means better methods are now available. 


5 foundational steps for investors to move towards loan-level analyses

It’s critical to leverage your full spectrum of data and run analyses at the loan level rather than cohorting. But what does it take to make the switch to loan-level analytics? Our team has put together a short set of recommendations and considerations for how to tackle an otherwise daunting project.


It’s time to move to DaaS — Why it matters for loan and MSR investors

The ability to analyze loan-level granular data is fast becoming the difference between profitable trades and near misses… but operating at the loan level means wading through an ocean of data. Learn about how you can get the most out of your data.


Case Study: How one investor moved to loan level analysis while reducing their costs

Are you looking to optimize investment decisions while reducing costs? Discover how one loan and MSR investor transformed their analytics using RiskSpan, in our latest case study.


Whitepaper: Improving the precision of MSR pricing using loan-level analytics

Incorporating both credit and prepayment modeling into an MSR valuation regime requires a loan-by-loan approach to capture the necessary level of granularity, but performing such an analysis has been historically viewed as impractical. Read RiskSpan’s deep-dive whitepaper to explore how today’s cloud-based, loan-level technology can make this not only practical, but cost effective.

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