ARLINGTON, Va., March 23, 2023 – RiskSpan, a leading technology company and the most comprehensive source for data management and analytics for mortgage and structured products, has announced the addition of commercial real estate (CRE) and commercial and industrial (C&I) loan data intake, valuation, and risk analytics to its award-winning Edge Platform. This enhancement complements RiskSpan’s existing residential mortgage toolbox and provides clients with a comprehensive toolbox for constructing and managing diverse credit portfolios.

Now more than ever, banks and credit portfolio managers need tools to construct well diversified credit portfolios resilient to rate moves and to know the fair market values of their diverse credit assets.

The new support for CRE and C&I loans on the Edge Platform further cements RiskSpan’s position as a single-source provider for loan pricing and risk management analytics across multiple asset classes. The Edge Platform’s AI-driven Smart Mapping (tape cracking) tool lets clients easily work with CRE and C&I loan data from any format. Its forecasting tools let clients flexibly segment loan datasets and apply performance and pricing assumptions by segment to generate cash flows, pricing and risk analytics.

CRE and C&I loans have long been supported by the Edge Platform’s credit loss accounting module, where users provided such loans in the Edge standard data format. The new Smart Mapping support simplifies data intake, and the new support for valuation and risk (including market risk) analytics for these assets makes Edge a complete toolbox for constructing and managing diverse portfolios that include CRE and C&I loans. These tools include cash flow projections with loan-level precision and stress testing capabilities. They empower traders and asset managers to visualize the risks associated with their portfolios like never before and make more informed decisions about their investments.

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