Credit Stress Testing Portfolio Exposure to COVID-19

Learn how experienced portfolio managers apply stress scenarios to unprecedented events.

Very few models are built to contemplate the impact of a 20-percent unemployment rate. And those that are don’t have enough data to be trustworthy. 

Building, selecting, and applying appropriate stress scenarios to a portfolio is challenging under the best of circumstances. It becomes even more perilous when people begin applying superlatives like unprecedented, unparalleled, and uncharted. Are we in 2008 again? 2001? The Great Depression? Some combination of all three? No one can really know for sure. 

And so what is a portfolio manager to do? 

Hear Bill Moretti, Faith Schwartz, Scott Carnahan, Amy Crews Cutts, and Bernadette Kogler as they discuss “Stress Testing Portfolio Exposure to COVID-19.” 

Key Topics:  

  • General principles for assessing portfolio risk during a crisis 
  • Identifying an appropriate set of stress scenarios 
  • Concentration and sector-specific risks 

About The Hosts

Bill Moretti

Senior Managing Director

Bill Moretti has over 30 years of experience identifying business opportunities and developing creative investment strategies & solutions for the Structured Finance industry. Bill’s expertise covers all sectors within structured finance including RMBS, Non-Agency RMBS, ABS, CLOs, and CMBS. He is now director and Lead of the SmartLink Innovation Lab.

Amy Crews Cutts

President, AC Cutts and Associates

Amy is President of AC Cutts and Associates, which advises clients on economic trends, public policy, and strategy relating to consumer credit, housing policy, auto lending and mortgage markets. She was formerly Senior Vice President at Equifax, where she was responsible for analytics and research relating micro and macro factors affecting the consumer. Amy has been widely published and quoted both during her time in academia and the private sector.

Faith Schwartz

President, Housing Finace Strategies

Faith Schwartz is the President of Housing Finance Strategies, a strategic advisory services firm. She is active on many industry boards and is known for having developed and led the HOPE NOW Alliance to unite the industry throughout the housing crisis.

Scott Carnahan

Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

Scott Carnahan is currently a Senior Managing Director in the Forensic & Litigation Consulting segment at FTI Consulting in Los Angeles. Scott has held leadership positions with Impac Mortgage and KPMG’s accounting, audit, and advisory practice.

Bernadette Kogler


Bernadette is co-founder, board member, and CEO of RiskSpan. Bernadette is focused on leveraging emerging technology for the advancement of data analytics and business process in the lending and structured finance markets. She is a seasoned executive and has spent most of her career focused on analytics, risk management and technology applications. Bernadette was previously with KPMG’s Mortgage and Structured Finance Practice and started her career with Prudential Insurance Company.