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Blockchain Technology

Transparent and reliable data for investors

SmartLink Lab seeks to make loan- and deal-level data more transparent and reliable for investors. SmartLink Lab serves the lending and structured finance markets with applications that integrate distributed ledger technology, machine learning automation, and smart contracts.


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Practical Blockchain Solutions

The platform integrates business-specific smart contracts, proprietary middleware technology and machine learning algorithms to verify data and achieve consensus required to manage a securitized asset through its life cycle.

SmartLink Lab is committed to bringing efficiency to the securitization market through Blockchain technologies. We bring the business expertise of securitization including a deep understanding of the many parties involved, required disclosures.


The Platform

A Unique Approach

Data Adapters

Extract legacy data from paper-based documents and other sources using machine learning

Verification Algorithm

Algorithms and machine learning to verify data and achieve consensus

Smart Contracts

Executable smart contracts derived from data and used to execute transaction

Workflow Automation

Implement workflow automation through embedded data verification tools that support the deal life cycle

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