The Client

Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE)

The Problem

The client sought to improve the performance and forecasting capabilities of its loan valuation and forecast engine. As part of this strategic initiative, the client planned to migrate the underlying platform from Hadoop to the Snowflake Data Cloud to achieve an increase in data loading and querying speeds and an overall optimization of system performance.​

RiskSpan identified a need for project management and implementation planning, as well as data pipeline and ETL migration analysis to ensure a successful integration of the Snowflake data cloud into the loan valuation and forecast engine.​​

The Solution

RiskSpan led the data migration effort for the loan valuation engine and integrated its pipelines from multiple data sources. The RiskSpan team also executed planning, testing, and overall project management of the implementation effort to ensure a high quality, on-schedule delivery.

The Deliverables

  • An integrated project plan with transition from current state to target state and production parallel
  • A system and data flow comparing existing state to target state
  • SQL code to efficiently compare 13 million records and more than 100 attributes loaded to Snowflake with legacy data in just 2 minutes.
  • Review of target state database ETL patterns
  • Review of loan valuation engine output using data in Snowflake
  • Comprehensive report presented to Senior Management