RiskSpan Edge Platform

Capital Markets, Banking, and Insurance

Data Libraries

End-to-end data management and data life-cycle solutions all the way from Data Ingestion and Data Quality to Data Analytics, Data Governance and BI

Agency MBS

Derive hidden insights by analyzing one of our hosted mortgage and consumer loan data sets, which allow you to benchmark against your own data.

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Structured Products

Perform structured products valuations and cash flow analyses

Portfolio Loan Analytics

Run historical analyses and predictive models to understand asset performance and inform investment decisions

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Portfolio Market Risk Analytics

Perform advanced portfolio analysis to achieve risk oversight and regulatory compliance with confidence.

Allowance (CECL)

Execute your monthly loss reserving and reporting process under the new CECL standard, covering data intake, segmentation, modeling, and report generation

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Machine Learning

Apply machine learning and other advanced modeling techniques to uncover new insights into your data

Model Risk Management

Catalog warehouse model inventory, spreadsheets, and documentation; and track issues and remediation activities through customized dashboards and reports.

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RiskSpan’s Edge API makes it easier than ever to access large datasets for analytics, model development and benchmarking. Major quant teams that prefer APIs now have access to normalized and validated data to run scenario analytics, stress testing or shock analysis.

RiskSpan also makes data available through its proprietary instance of RStudio and Python.

An End-to-End Solution

The RiskSpan Edge Platform is a data management, modeling, and predictive analytics software platform for loans and fixed-income securities. Our scalable, cloud-native platform enables you to make better business decisions based on uncommon insights into historical trends and advanced predictive forecasts.

Data management, model management, and predictive analytics on one platform. The RiskSpan Edge Platform. Data made beautiful.

We provide a range of solutions and smart contract technology to companies deploying new blockchain technologies and private networks. We partner with clients to develop blockchain prototypes and networks to test, experiment with and understand the business case for deployment. Our smart contract technology improves efficiencies, compliance and settlement speed throughout the securitization life cycle.

One Platform

Data Management, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization

Data Management

Our automated processes and tools streamlines data aggregation, data normalization, and validation.

Predictive Analytics

Make accurate decisions based on insights into trends and powerful forecasts for various economic scenarios.

Data Visualization

Access results with cloud-based interactive dashboards that satisfy investors, regulators and clients.

Empower Non-Technical Business Analysts

Our intuitive UI gives you unprecedented access to mortgage agency data and performance trends and provides seamless integrations with RStudio and artificial intelligence tools.

Our scalable cloud architecture and proprietary database technology integrate open source tools and machine learning applications to model massive datasets and get accurate results.

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Popular Modules and Data

Out-of-the-box predictive and historical analyses

Forecasting (CECL) Module

Calculate current expected credit losses according to the new GAAP standards.

  • Tailored solution based on your needs
  • Audit-ready reports delivered monthly
  • Core competency in life-of-loan credit modeling

Whole Loan Analysis Module

Analyze whole loan data to inform your investment decisions.

  • Leverage our proprietary models to analyze risk
  • Store normalized proprietary and third-party data
  • Compare assets’ performance with external datasets

CRT Data

Analyze deals and run scenario analysis to drive investment decisions on your CRT portfolio.

  • Custom deal cash flow models in Python
  • Manage and analyze CRT data on a single platform
  • Normalized Agency data for cross-Agency comparison

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