Model Risk Management

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Customizable Model Risk Management Software

Centralized Model Risk Management Activities

RiskSpan’s Model Risk Management Module consolidates model risk management planning activities and stores model documentation and validation reports in a simple, clean, and easy-to-use interface.

Catalog and warehouse model inventory, spreadsheets, and documentation; schedule validations and notifications; and track issues and remediation activities through customized dashboards and reports.

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Rely on RiskSpan

Not on Spreadsheets

Model Inventory

A fully-configurable library of model characteristics.

Model Documentation

A repository with key assumptions and limitations called out.

Model Performance

Storage of ongoing tests, datasets, and reports.

Model Validations

Validation scheduling and remediation reporting.

Visualize the state of your model inventory

Integrated BI Tools

RiskSpan’s Model Risk Management Module’s BI capabilities make it easy to see where your model risk exposure is most pronounced.

Custom reporting capabilities help spot models that are overdue for validation or have high-risk findings that remain unresolved. Manage and track all model documentation, inputs, and assumptions in a single application.

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Looking for Model Validation Services?

A Pragmatic Model Risk Management Partner

RiskSpan model validation analysts, managers, and subject matter experts have been validating models for well over a decade.

We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to devising effective challenges, evaluating conceptual soundness, verifying data sources and process, and constructing benchmarking, back-testing, outcomes analyses, and sensitivity testing.

Proprietary Data, Analytical Tools, and Machine Learning Models

RiskSpan’s suite of models and machine learning applications function as ready-made benchmarks for a wide range of model validations.

Defensible Model Validation Reports

Clear reports that meet regulator and stakeholder requirements and withstand scrutiny.

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