ARLINGTON, VA, September 12, 2018 — Leading mortgage data analytics provider RiskSpan added Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Data to the library of datasets available through its RS Edge Platform. The dataset includes over half a billion records from Ginnie Mae that will expand the RS Edge Platform’s critical applications in Reverse-Mortgage Analysis. RS Edge is a SaaS platform that integrates normalized data, predictive models and complex scenario analytics for customers in the capital markets, commercial banking, and insurance industries. The Edge Platform solves the hardest data management and analytical problem – affordable off-the-shelf integration of clean data and reliable models.

The HECM dataset is the latest in a series of recent additions to the RS Edge data libraries. The platform now holds over five billion records across decades of collection and is the solution of choice for whole loan and securities analytics. RiskSpan’s data strategy is simple. Provide our customers with normalized, tested, analysis-ready data that their enterprise modeling and analytics teams can leverage for faster, more reliable insight. We do the grunt work so that you don’t have to, said Patrick Doherty, RiskSpan’s Chief Operating Officer.  The HECM dataset has been subjected to RiskSpan’s comprehensive data normalization process for simpler analysis in RS Edge. Edge users will be able to drill down to snapshot and historical data available through the UI. Users will also be able to benchmark the HECM data against their own portfolio and leverage it to develop and deploy more sophisticated credit models.  RiskSpan’s Edge API also makes it easier-than-ever to access large datasets for analytics, model development and benchmarking. Major quant teams that prefer APIs now have access to normalized and validated data to run scenario analytics, stress testing or shock analysis. RiskSpan makes data available through its proprietary instance of RStudio and Python.

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