ARLINGTON, VA, September 6, 2018 — RiskSpan announced today its rollout of Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) datasets available through its RS Edge Platform. The datasets include over seventy million Agency loans that will expand the RS Edge platform’s data library and add key enhancements for credit risk analysis.  RS Edge is a SaaS platform that integrates normalized data, predictive models and complex scenario analytics for customers in the capital markets, commercial banking, and insurance industries. The Edge Platform solves the hardest data management and analytical problem – affordable off-the-shelf integration of clean data and reliable models.  New additions to the RS Edge Data Library will include key GSE Loan Level Performance datasets going back eighteen years. RiskSpan is also adding Fannie Mae’s Connecticut Avenue Securities (CAS) and Credit Insurance Risk Transfer (CIRT) datasets as well as the Freddie Mac Structured Agency Credit Risk (STACR) datasets.  

Each dataset has been normalized to the same standard for simpler analysis in RS Edge. This will allow users to compare GSE performance with just a few clicks. The data has also been enhanced to include helpful variables, such as mark-to-market loan-to-value ratios based on the most granular house price indexes provided by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.  Managing Director and Co-Head of Quantitative Analytics Janet Jozwik said of the new CRT data, “Our data library is a great, cost-effective resource that can be leveraged to build models, understand assumptions around losses on different vintages, and benchmark performance of their own portfolio against the wider universe.”  RiskSpan’s Edge API also makes it easier-than-ever to access large datasets for analytics, model development and benchmarking. Major quant teams that prefer APIs now have access to normalized and validated data to run scenario analytics, stress testing or shock analysis. RiskSpan makes data available through its proprietary instance of RStudio and Python. 

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