Data Governance

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A Pragmatic Data Governance Partner

SMEs, quants, and tools to support your data governance program

Data governance processes support a new culture in the industry around accountability for data quality and availability.

RiskSpan’s team of model and data experts can help you and your team ensure that the data assets that drive your models and forecasts have integrity, are appropriately available, usable, and secure.


Data Lineage

RiskSpan has experience working with various financial institutions on data lineage and its best practices. RiskSpan has also partnered with industry-leading data lineage solution providers to harness technical solutions for data lineage.


Master Data Management

RiskSpan has mastered the best practices around MDM model working with client’s disparate data sources. With ever increasing regulatory and compliance needs for financial institutions it’s important to have a single view of the client reference data.

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Data Quality

It’s increasingly important to reduce in-efficiency in the data process and one of the key criteria to achieve the same is to ensure Data is of highest quality for downstream or any other analytical application usage. Riskspan experience in data quality stems from working with raw loan and transactional data from some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Data Management

Insight is Within Reach

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Meta Data Management

The world of data is getting increasingly complex with companies collecting huge amounts of data from widespread sources. As a result of this complexity it’s important to ensure business users have clear understanding of their data through use of business-friendly glossaries.

RiskSpan delivers best practices and the technical approach needed to achieve this understanding at all levels of your data.

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